Youth Leadership Training is built around the concept of "Be-Know-Do". 

  • Be encompasses may of the values of Scouting and focuses on ethical decision making, as well as how a Scout can and must put the team's needs before his own. 
  • Know describes the information that the Scout needs to know to successfully fill his leadership position.  This includes not only the nuts and bolts of the position and its expectations, but what he needs to know about his team and himself in addition to the skills of teaching and leading.
  • Do provides the youths with a vast set of skills to be effective in his position by employing the skills in the leadership skills toolbox. These how-to skills include communication, problem solving, planning, and resolving conflict.
Following are various articles pertinent to Youth Leadership

(Primier youth training)

Patrol and Troop Leadership
(1978 Printing, out of print, a bit dated,
But argueably the best BSA publication
on Scout leadership ever)