Scoutmaster's Corner

Scoutmaster's Minute

Moments are proactive, the result of training and knowledge, perserverance and pride.


Moments are decisions made, actions taken, successes achieved.


Moments are when you say – I am smarter, I am stronger, I am faster, I am physically fit, I am morally straight.


Moments are what you’ll get when scouting with Troop 7.


It’s your moment, run with it.


Scoutmaster’s Minute, Court of Honor, August 6th, 2013

A Scoutmaster's Creed

This creed was adapted from an article written by "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt for Scoutmasters:

I will think of my Patrols in terms of the leaders

I will train my Patrol Leaders to do their job, trust them to do that job to the best of their ability, and let them do the job. I will support their efforts by showing them the confidence I have in their abilities, and expecting them to do their best.

I will adopt the answer "Ask your Patrol Leader; he knows!"

I will develop the belief in my Scouts that the Patrol Leader is the only one who knows what's going on. I want them to look to those leaders for vital facts and guidance because that's a sign of true youth leadership.

I will take my own advice and "Ask the Patrol Leader; he knows!"

I will instill in my Patrol Leaders a need to get to know the Scouts in their Patrols. I will count on them to know whatever information I need about a Scout. I know that a Patrol Leader can only lead effectively if he has a handle on the wants, needs, and concerns of each Scout in his Patrol, and I want each of my Patrol Leaders to be effective.

I will stick the youth leaders out in front at every opportunity

I know that leadership is much more than wearing a patch and that every youth leader needs to develop confidence in his abilities. I know the only way a Scout can develop leadership confidence is to lead, and I will give them every opportunity to do so.

I will commend my Patrol Leaders publicly whenever they show signs of taking responsibility

I know that public recognition of the "little things" a Patrol Leader does will build the leader's confidence in his abilities, and his Patrol's trust in his leadership.

I will refrain from criticizing them before their group

I know that mistakes will be made, and it is my job to turn failure into an opportunity for success. Criticizing a Patrol Leader in front of his Patrol can easily reverse any progress that has been made, so I will criticize privately and constructively, helping the Patrol Leader learn from the experience.

I will count on my Patrol Leaders to lead

I will refrain from jumping in to solve every problem or hand out discipline. I will give my Patrol Leaders realresponsibility for their Patrols, and trust them to take on that responsibility. In short, I will train them, trust them, and let them lead!

I will always be ready to give a helping hand, a word of advice, or a boost in confidence to my Patrol Leaders

I will remember that my job is to train the Patrol Leaders to lead, and give them the opportunity to lead. I will also remember that training is an ongoing effort since every possible scenario can never be covered in formal training. I will be a guide the Patrol Leader can count on for advice or just to talk about things without getting in his way or taking charge at every turn.